Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello, hello!

Hello all my fellow word lovers! Welcome to my new blog!

{ too many words tonight is a blog where I'll be focusing on... words. Cause you didn't see that coming, didja?! I have a previous blog where I review books and movies that I've maintained for about 3 years now but I needed somewhere fresh and new. Somewhere where I didn't feel restricted to review just books and movies. Somewhere where I can talk about words too if I wanted. 

With {too many words tonight I hope to create a space where I can share things I've learned or found around the web based on publishing or another love of mine --- social media. A place where I can talk books or movies or TV shows or commercials. Basically anything that has to do with media is what I'll be talking about here. 

I do also run a lifestyle blog where I'll be talking about steps to a healthier lifestyle as well as video games I'm playing (I was going to include that here but it didn't really feel right), things I'm cooking or just snacking on and I might even talk about heavy stuff like debt and in-laws. We'll see just how open I can get. But if you're interested in alla that then stop by my other blog A Fairytale Lifestyle!

Any guesses to where I got this username from? :)

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